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March 16, 2022

At the Table with triadfoodies - Quanto Basta

At the Table with triadfoodies - Quanto Basta
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Pull up a chair and join Kristi Maier from the triadfoodies blog as she visits with Chris Fulk from Quanto Basta in Winston-Salem.  They'll be hosting the next chef's table event on March 23rd!

Located on 4th Street, Quanto Basta was opened by Chef Tim Grandinetti and his team to reveal the "rich and comforting flavors of Cucina Italiana" as he remembers from his childhood and upbringing. And who else to bring along to man the ship than Chef Chris, who had already established a legacy of his own in the area. We are excited to once again be partnering with a restaurant owned by Chef Grandinetti and enjoying the amazing food and impeccable service. And we can't wait to see what Chef Chris has in store as he brings Grandinetti's vision to life.

From the words of Team QB:

Chef Tim Grandinetti’s cuisine is naturally beautiful, traditional and honest, earthy and authentic — a “tribute of deliciousness“ to his heritage and his great grandfather, Antonio Bucci. From Antipasto to Ziti, our food celebrates the Italian passion for life, the kitchen, and gathering together.

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