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Great shows if you’re in NC (or beyond!)

Excellent clearinghouse for lots of different info if you’re in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, etc., or really anywhere. Love the Triad Dads, DTWS, Gunther Group, etc. Having the WFBH COVID updates from Dr. Ohl was informative and great.

Enjoyed Getting to Know Kelly!

She is a wonderful, ray of light. Super cool old lady at Halloween and was a great preschool teacher to my child. I really enjoyed hearing more about her and her family! I have subscribed to listen to more of this Podcast and future topics.

Revirw triad

Love the variety and energy of these podcasts!


Great info! Keep up the great service to the community.

Celebrating Young Moms!

Great and Empowering Stories! Keep sharing I love your brainstorming session! Always inspiring!!

Juggs - Summer of soccer episode

Thanks for keeping me thirsty on my morning run. You all do a great job!

Tremendous Variety of Local Content

Very helpful for Triad residents!

What a great podcast!

I love the concept of this podcast. It great to get the 411 on what's new and poppin in the Triad area. Looking forward to future podcasts.

Love it! Ready for the next podcast!

Love supporting local businesses. What a cool way to stay current and listen to what's new in the Triad! I'm on the road a lot and have just gotten into listening to podcasts. Looking forward to the next one on August 16!

Wow! Great Idea

What a great idea! What businesses/Organizations have joined? Will you have downtown events and news?