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April 1, 2022

Triad Sports 1on1 - Emily Hege, North Davidson High School

Triad Sports 1on1 - Emily Hege, North Davidson High School
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When it comes to discussing the best girls basketball player among the North Carolina high school ranks, make sure you throw Emily Hege's name into the ring. In fact, one could claim she's been among the best hoopers her entire career at North Davidson High School. The Coronavirus pandemic may have limited her exposure during the most critical recruiting periods, but it did not break her spirit. As fate would have it, she'll be staying close to home at Wingate University in the fall, and that's just as thrilling an opportunity as any. Emily reveals how her father's legendary Ledford career helped shape her, his constant coaching, other family family and basketball-related influences, and how the concept of team drives her continued pursuit to be the version of herself, both on and off the court.

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