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Sept. 15, 2022

Triad Sports 1on1 - Jaylen Raynor, East Forsyth QB

Triad Sports 1on1 - Jaylen Raynor, East Forsyth QB
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East Forsyth High School star quarterback Jaylen Alexander-Raynor is charting a path for himself that very few have taken. The Arkansas State commit will enroll early after graduating in December, but what comes before that will surely provide several more stat-stuffing performances. But, it's not just the numbers on the gridiron that are turning heads, it's Raynor's infectious attitude and inspiring approach to all aspects of life. His mobility, knack for making the right play, and leadership on the field are one thing. The 6'1, 195-pound senior's devotion to academics, family, and intent to set the best example for his peers is another. Listen as Raynor details his story and describes his excitement for what's next as football powerhouse East Forsyth aims to capture its first state championship since 2019. 

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